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Save Yourself Some Trouble and Schedule Service with Fox Marquette

Having problems with your car? If it's having trouble starting, making unusual noises, or not accelerating as quickly as it used to, it may be getting ready to break down on you. Don't wait until you end up stranded by the road. Do like people in the Marquette and Gwinn, MI areas do and schedule service with Fox Marquette. Our service center is staffed with certified technicians who have a full understanding of your Ford vehicle and what makes it tick. We also have state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make sure your car is fixed right every time…

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Winter service and tire care at Fox Marquette

Michigan winters can often times take a toll on our vehicles, which is why Fox Marquette is here to help our customers and drivers from Marquette, Gwinn, Ishpeming and Negaunee seamlessly prepare for unpredictable driving conditions.

Our onsite service and repair center is readily available to help you winterize your vehicle in all the ways y

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Celebrate Black Friday Savings at Fox Marquette

Celebrate Black Friday savings with Fox Marquette. This month, Fox Marquette is happily offering our customers and drivers throughout Marquette, Gwinn, Ishpeming and Negaunee, MI the chance to save big on their next vehicle purchase - as well as the opportunity to win a new snowmobile or jet ski.

Through the end of November, drivers from Marquette and beyond can enter to win a new snowmobile or jet ski when th

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Buy or Lease Your New Ford and Revisit Us for Quality Ford Service in Marquette

If you are ready to begin shopping for a new car, truck, or SUV, we are confident that there is a new Ford for you in our large selection of new Ford vehicles at Fox Marquette. Whether it be a new car like the Ford Mustang or Ford Fusion, a new SUV like the Ford Escape, Ford Edge, or Ford EcoSport, or a tough truck like the Ford F-150, our Ford dealership in Marquette is where you can find a diverse assortment of new Ford models.

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Consider Car Battery Replacement This Winter

There are a number of different indicating factors that can give you a hint that it might be time to replace your battery. If your vehicle isn't starting up from a cold start or it is sputtering often, then this may be the sign of a battery issue. There are some other slowly occurring issues that may give you a heads up that replacing your battery is in the near future but there are also things you can fix regarding your vehicle that will renew the life of your battery.

There is something called a parasitic draw that can…

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Stop Spending So Much Money Replacing Tires

For those of us who like to save money, but feel that we are always dumping more and more money into our vehicles, this is for you. If you feel that you are replacing your tires more often than you should have to, this could be due to excessive early wear. Rotating your tires can help with this issue. By rotating your tires, you are solving early wear by allowing each tire to wear more evenly over time. Tires are expensive to replace, but much cheaper to rotate. Tires should be rotated on average every other oil change, or about…
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Ford: Helping You have a More Relaxed Commute

Ever have one of those mornings? You wake up late, burn your tongue on your breakfast, spill your morning coffee while juggling briefcase, travel mug and you son’s backpack. With relief you finally get him safely to preschool and head for the interstate … only to find it gridlocked.

There are many stresses that accompany the morning commute.

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