Consider Car Battery Replacement This Winter

There are a number of different indicating factors that can give you a hint that it might be time to replace your battery. If your vehicle isn't starting up from a cold start or it is sputtering often, then this may be the sign of a battery issue. There are some other slowly occurring issues that may give you a heads up that replacing your battery is in the near future but there are also things you can fix regarding your vehicle that will renew the life of your battery.

There is something called a parasitic draw that can occur with your vehicle. This means that your battery is in good condition, but there is some other part of your vehicle that is sucking up too much of your battery power and it is draining the battery when in use. This can occur when the vehicle is in motion and while it is parked.

Have your battery tested at Fox Marquette soon. Our Ford service experts can diagnose any potential battery issues so you can stay fully powered this winter.

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