When to Service and Replace the Headlights on Your Vehicle

Your safety while driving in low light conditions depends significantly on the state of your vehicle's headlights.

When to Repair or Replace Headlights

If your headlights are becoming dim or not working a bulb replacement may be necessary. A service technician will be able to check the type of bulb needed for your vehicle and replace it according to the specifications of the vehicle. If the headlight housing is cracked, the whole unit will need replacing. A dulled finish to the headlight may only require a surface restoration that can be professionally performed by a technician with the proper tools.

Have Professionals Service Headlights

If you feel your headlights are not as efficient as they used to be and you are having difficulty seeing in low light conditions, a service technician will be able to inspect your headlights thoroughly.

The technicians at Fox Marquette in Marquette, MI are trained to inspect your vehicle's headlights. Schedule your appointment today!

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