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  • Randy Norton,
    General Manager
    (906) 629-6630

    Randy has been the general manager of Fox Marquette since 1997  . Randy lives in Big Bay with his wife, Kathryn. In his spare time, Randy enjoys spending time with his wife and their son and daughter, Cody and Jesse, their spouses, Chelsea and Kris, and his granddaughters, Breanna, Lily and Claire. Randy also enjoys spending time outdoors and in the woods.

    Randy loves serving our communities and our auto industry and is currently serving his 8th term on the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association Board of Directors. Marquette Senior High School, Negaunee High School, Ishemping High School, Westwood High School, Northern Michigan University and the Marquette Humane Society are just a few of the favorite community connections Randy holds dear to his heart.

  • Marty Rose,
    Brand Manager
    (906) 629-6630

    Marty has lived in Marquette for his whole life. He enjoys spending time with his wife Sandy, four children and his grandchildren. Marty also likes softball, bowling, hunting, camping and traveling.

  • Eric Malmsten,
    Sales Manager | Used Vehicles
    (906) 629-6630

    Eric grew up learning about cars and has been working in a dealership setting since 2000.  He joined Fox Marquette in August 2013 and has been with Fox Motors since 2009. Eric lives in Ishpeming with his wife, Kristy and dog, Calvin (a Lab/Rotweiller/Hound Mix adopted from UPAWS). He enjoys racing four-wheelers on dirt in the summer and on ice in the winter. He also takes time to attend classic car shows and likes to work on older cars.

  • Spencer Prusi,
    Finance & Insurance Manager
    (906) 629-6630

    Spencer has been with Fox Marquette for more than 10 years. Spencer was raised in Negaunee and currently lives there with his wife and three daughters. When not enjoying time with his family, Spencer enjoys cross country skiing, mountain biking and road biking.

  • Steve Sanderson,
    Service Manager
    (906) 629-6631

    Steve joined the Fox Marquette team in 2002 and has more than 44 years of experience in the automotive industry. He and his wife, Vicki, reside in Republic and have one son, Gus, who is serving in the U.S. Army. When he is not spending time with his cats and dogs, Steve enjoys golfing, hunting, shooting sports and guitars. Steve also spends time serving as the chairperson for the Automotive Advisory Committee for Northern Michigan University.

  • Mike Kuliu,
    Parts Manager
    (906) 629-6635

    Mike has been with the Fox Marquette team since 2003. When not spending time with his sons, Cody and Luke, Mike enjoys fishing, playing softball, attending his boys sporting events, football, and basketball.

  • Kent Thomas,
    Internet Sales Consultant
    (906) 629-6630

    Kent has been part of the Fox Marquette team since 2012. When not spending time with his wife and daughter, Kent enjoys skiing, hunting, fishing, camping, golfing and biking.

  • Linda LaTourneau,
    Office Manager
    (906) 226-1600

  • Kirstin Bonanni,
    Office Administrator
    (906) 629-6630

    Kirsten joined the Fox Marquette team in 2005. She grew up in Skandia and enjoys camping and can always find time for a good book.

  • Brittany Singer,
    E-Marketing Coordinator

    Brittany joined the Fox team as the e-Marketing Coordinator in March, 2016.  She lives in Marquette with her husband, but is originally from northern Illinois.  Brittany enjoys playing softball, working out and fishing, but she LOVES the Minnesota Vikings and her two dogs, Kia and Ace.

  • Michelle Kangas, Office Assistant

    Michelle started with Fox Marquette in January, 2016.  She enjoys working at Fox and absolutely loves the staff.

  • Krystal Koskey, Receptionist

    Krystal resides in Marquette with her son, Rece.  She enjoys spending time with Rece and attending his sporting events.

  • Joe Oleksy,
    Sales Consultant
    (906) 629-6630

    Joe has been a member of the Fox Marquette team since 2000. Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, Terri, and daughter, Ashley. He also enjoys camping, hiking, fishing and mountain biking.

  • Al Peterson,
    Sales Consultant
    (906) 629-6630

    Al has been with Fox Marquette since 1998. He currently lives in Marquette and enjoys snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, boating and camping.

  • Bill Rajaniemi,
    Sales Consultant
    (906) 629-6630

    Bill joined Fox Marquette in 2007. He is originally from Houghton and resides in Negaunee with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Bill enjoys soccer, downhill skiing, cars and spending time with family.

  • Blaine Salmonson,
    Sales Consultant
    (906) 629-6630

    Blaine joined the Fox Marquette team in 2013. Originally from New Ipswich, N.H., Blaine enjoys mountain biking, motorcycle riding, driving, computer gaming, cross country skiing and spending time in the great outdoors.  Blaine now resides in Negaunee.

  • Tom Nancarrow,
    Sales Consultant
    (906) 315-4187

    Tom joined the Fox Marquette team in 2008. Tom enjoys spending time with his wife, three sons, and two dogs, Rocky and Minni. He likes also fishing, hunting, gardening, and watching football, baseball and softball.

  • Ryan Campbell,
    Sales Consultant
    (906) 629-6630

    Ryan joined the sales team in 2011. Ryan was born and raised in Marquette and enjoys spending time with his family. Generally, if you can't find Ryan here at the dealership he will be out on the hockey rink enjoying his favorite activity.

  • Kelsey Erath,
    Sales Consultant

    Kelsey started as a sales consultant at Fox in May, 2016.  She has lived in Marquette her entire life.  She enjoys playing video games, snowboarding and cars.

  • David Trawick, Product Specialist

    David started with Fox in August, 2017. He is married, with two kids and lives in Ishpeming.  David loves going to his son's sporting events.

  • Jessica Young, Customer Experience Advisor

    Jessica started with Fox Marquette in February, 2016 and she is loving it!  She lives in Ishpeming and graduated from NMU with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations with an English writing minor.  

  • Jason Hendrickson,
    Service Advisor
    (906) 629-6631

    Jason joined the Fox Marquette team in 2008. He currently lives in Negaunee with his wife, Tammy, and their son and daughter. Jason enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

  • JR Mechling,
    Service Advisor

    JR started as a Service Advisor at Fox Marquette in April, 2016.  He has five kids, likes hockey, hunting, fishing and riding his side-by-side.

  • James Prusi,
    Service Advisor

    James started with Fox in July, 2016 and joins the team with 12 years of automotive experience.  He is also in a band with his brothers call the Prusi Brothers.

  • Christopher Butler, Quick Lane Advisor

    Christoper started with Fox in July 2017.  He is retired Army Military Police.  In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and fishing.

  • Adrienne Mineau,
    Warranty Administrator
    (906) 629-6630

    Adrienne joined the Fox Marquette team in June 2013. She currently resides in Marquette.  She enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good book, hunting, and four-wheeling.

  • Phil Slavsky,
    Assistant Service Manager
    (906) 629-6631

    Phil, a Ford Service Senior Master Technician, has more than 30 years of experience. Phil lives in Marquette with his wife, Della; daughter, Laura; two dogs; and a cat.   His hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping and golf.

  • Jake Barrett,
    Service Technician
    (906) 629-6631

    Jake joined the Fox Marquette team in 2011. He is currently lives in Gwinn with his wife and his dog. Jake enjoys fishing, hunting, working, carpentry, off-roading, working on hot rods and the outdoors.

  • Zeb Lockwood,
    Service Technician
    (906) 629-6631

    Zeb joined the Fox Marquette team in 2011. Currently living in Marquette, Zeb is the youngest of three siblings and enjoys biking, hiking and the great outdoors.

  • Mike Touminen,
    Service Technician
    (906) 629-6631

    Mike joined the Fox Marquette team in 2001. He currently resides in Ishpeming and he enjoys boating, fishing, watching sports and home improvement.

  • Roy Byman,
    Service Technician
    (906) 629-6631

    Roy joined the Fox Marquette team in 2004. He currently resides in Negaunee with his wife, Bethany, and his three kids, Patrick, Lee and George. In his spare time, Roy enjoys hiking, mountain biking and snowmobiling.

  • Gary Kivela,
    Service Technician

    Gary joined Fox in September, 2016.  He lives with his wife, Paula and two dogs.  They enjoy riding bikes, cross country skiing and kayaking.

  • Dale Mercure, Service Technician

    Dale started with Fox in July 2017.  He has been working on Fords for more than 30 years.  Dale recently moved back to the area to be near his family.

  • Keith Delarye,
    Service Technician

    Keith started with Fox in October, 2016.  He and his wife have four children, three sons and one daughter.  He is a Ham Radio Operator, a Big Game Hunting Guide and a Houndsman.  Keith enjoys spending his time hunting and fishing.

  • Shayne Treloar, Service Technician

    Shayne started at Fox in April 2017.  He was born and raised in Marquette with his three brothers.  Shayne enjoys camping, hunting, playing darts and loves playing with his little girl.

  • Jerry Oxenford,
    Parts Specialist
    (906) 629-6635

    Jerry joined the Fox Marquette team in 2012. He currently lives in Negaunee and enjoys dirt sports, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Joe O'Connell,
    Parts Specialist
    (906) 629-6635

    Joseph joined the Fox Marquette team in 2000. He resides in Negaunee and enjoys NASCAR, football and video games.

  • Ray Stanaway,
    Parts Specialist
    (906) 629-6635

    Ray has been part of the Fox Marquette team since 2008. When not spending time with his wife, three children and two grandsons, Ray enjoys stock car racing and camping.

  • John Besonen,
    Quick Lube Technician
    (906) 629-6631

    John joined the Fox Marquette team in 2012. He is a C.A.R.E. Award recipient for always going the extra mile to create a remarkable experience for Fox Motors customers. John currently resides in Marquette and enjoys snowmobiling, four-wheeling, hunting and fishing.

  • Steven Anthony,

  • Nik Anderson,
    Quick Lube Technician
    (906) 226-1600

    Nik joined the Fox Marquette team in 2015 as a Quick Lube Technician.  She lives in Negaunee with her two Border Collies, Brody and Khloe.  In her free time, she enjoys fishing, hiking, photography, four-wheeling, spending time with her dogs, and working on cars (especially trucks and muscle cars).

  • Scott Koskey, Quick Lube Tech

    Scott started with Fox in May 2017.  He lives in Negaunee with his wife and two dogs, Kip and Cooper.  In his spare time, Scott enjoys hunting and fishing.

  • Todd Patterson, Technician

    Todd started with Fox in May, 2016.  He is an avid outdoors person, enjoys hiking, fishing, hunting and riding ATVs.  Todd especially loves spending time with his 13-year-old son and his wife.  Todd and his family also do some farming on the side raising pigs with plans for cattle and chickens in the future.

  • James Lemmond,
    Detail Manager
    (906) 629-6631

    James started at Fox Marquette in 2008. He enjoys fishing and camping.

  • Jeff Young,
    (906) 629-6631

    Jeff joined to Fox Marquette team in 2010. He resides Marquette and enjoys music, fishing, football and NASCAR in his spare time.

  • Cody Nault, Detailer

  • Ronald Illikainen, Detailer

  • Brittiny Young,
    Inventory Specialist
    (906) 226-1600

    Brittiny joined Fox Marquette in 2015 as our Inventory Specialist.  She lives in Harvey with her Dad, Jeff; Mom, Patty; and her fish.  Brittiny loves hunting, snowboarding, hiking, dirt biking, four-wheeling, and swimming in Lake Superior.

  • Mike Quinn, Shuttle Driver

  • Fred Nees, Parts Driver