Be Prepared When Heading Out for that Holiday Road Trip

It is almost time to get the car packed and head out on the highway this holiday season. The roads are going to be more crowded than ever, so hopefully, these tips from our team at Fox Marquette will get you to your destination ahead of schedule.

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Explore the All-New Ford Explorer at Fox Marquette

The Ford Explorer has become a staple in the automotive industry. Its latest 2018 models are in and our new inventory at Fox Marquette have more than enough on display. This SUV has a dynamic front grille as well as a dominating presence. One of its best features is the striking LED signature lighting. On top of that, it comes in a variety of colorful exterior tones.

The interior of this SUV is stunning with its soft leather seating and steering. All of the controls are easily accessible, and the vehicle seats up to seven people. What more could you…

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Why Most Middle-Schoolers Still Need to Ride in the Back, in a Booster Seat

Middle school is a rough time for most kids. It's an age when they go from being children, to teenagers. They start reading young adult novels, like Twilight, and go to painstaking lengths to distance themselves from things they loved when they were younger.

Naturally, when you go to drive them to school in your Ford Explorer, they insist they should ride in the front, and never in a booster seat. "But moooom," you hear…

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Will Self-Driving Cars Deliver Pizza on the Upper Peninsula Any Time Soon?

This month, Ford and Domino's Pizza have entered into a unique partnership to develop self-driving cars for food delivery. As part of their cooperation, an autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid will be delivering pizzas right here in Michigan!

And by "right here" we mean on the Lower Peninsula, near Detroit.

Don't sweat it—Marquette technology enthusiasts will have their turn with self-driving delivery cars soon...

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Frustrated With Car Seats? Escape in a Ford Escape.

Car seats keep kids safe and we love them for that. You're not going to find a single soul in the world however that enjoys the process of installing them. Even the best car seats can be a pain to put in your car. Half the time, the car itself might be the problem. Whether you're talking a cramped interior or poorly implemented equipment, many vehicles treat car seat installation like a second thought.

The 2017 Ford Escape takes a different approach.

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How to Pick the Perfect Microfiber Towel for Cleaning Your Car

You're about to buy a brand-new Ford from Fox Marquette. It's a big investment, and you want to make sure it stays in perfect condition—but where do you start?

The world of automotive detailing can be daunting. Walk into an automotive store, and your senses will be overloaded with hundreds of different products, each offering their own promises, like "clear-coat safe" and "streak-free." Even picking out something as simple as a towel can seem like advanced calculus to the uninitiated.

When choosing towels, you want to look for three things:

  • Microfiber. Always microfiber.
  • Percentage...
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